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programm 5 - a history  [summer 1998]

programm 5 are Lilian Jüchtern and Nicole Martin. We have been working together on experimental projects since 1995. The early work of programm 5 focusses on the visualization of processes in uban space. In 1995/96 we presented »urban programmes« which is a series of urban studies.

We consider »urban programmes« as a statement regarding the political impact of architecture. Architecture can’t be reduced to formal organisation of functional spaces. The impact of architecture exceeds its material dimensions. In order to visualize the social and cultural processes inscribed in architecture, we worked out a graphic language.

The design and practical use of visual languages is basic to our work. »urban programmes« is presented using traditional architectural techniques. Dynamic processes and their cultural impact in space and time are encoded in a two dimensional and static representation.

A three dimensional and dynamic model can be designed and visualized on the computer. In addition, worldwide communication of any number of participants is possible in data networks. Since the spatial visualization of dynamic processes still is our target, Virtual Reality offers the adequate experimental field for »staging strategies«.

In which way may a user communicate with a non-mimetic virtual world? Presently we are working on the conception of a three dimensional interface which will enable the user to communicate (inter)actively with the objects in a virtual environment.

From 1996 to 1998 we have been working on the VRML project staging strategies. In 1997, foro artistico invited us to present our project in September as part of the fo:rom lectures. »staging strategies« was part of an exhibition during the Interstanding 2 conference in Tallinn (Estland) in October. In November, we presented »staging strategies« as part of the competition of the film+arc.graz biennal.

Since February 1998 the project is presented in the web gallery of Taking Liberties, women's art festival. In May VIPER 98 biennal in Lucerne shows »staging strategies« on the internet panel. We will present »staging strategies« in June 1998 at IEEE Yuforic in course of the Virtual Environments '98 in Stuttgart, Germany. In July 1998 the project will be exhibited in the art exhibition of the Virtual Worlds '98.

»staging strategies« has won a first prize in the competition for the 1.VRML award, curated by Ernst Feiler (time and motion), Prof. Joachim Sauter (art+com) and Soeren Schuhmann (arte). The three winning projects staging strategies by programm 5, Global Learning by Ponton European Media Art Lab, and experimental architecture by Construct were presented in May 98 on the TV channel »arte« and at the European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück, Germany.

In 1998 programm 5 started to work on the conception and design of a generic 3D interface. This project will be continued during a two months residency at the Center for Culture & Communication, Budapest in autumn 1998.

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