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staging strategies presents a genuine visual language for the new medium vrml. by navigating through the model environment, you'll get aquainted with an unusual spatial experience. check the list of worlds below to interact with your environment. each world provides a combination of two different events. the objects inside the worlds will not always react in the same way - take your time to work it out.

list of worlds (the events)

you'll need a vrml plug-in for your web browser to display the worlds. to try out the performance of your computer, run the model environment first: movement should be rendered smoothly.
blind move  (simulation-animation)
the range of view is limited close to an object. when objects and planes now start to move in different directions, you'll never really know where they are and when they will come back.
blue limits  (simulation-color)
coming close to the objects, you might find your range of view suddenly very limited while objects adopt a rhythmically darkening blue colour. experience entertainment in intimate surroundings.
bubble bath  (animation-sound)
on being approached some objects will start to contract and expand, which seems to cause a bubbling sound. objects can be like the bubbles in your bathtub: move closer to experience the digital dive!
eerie fog  (sound-simulation)
while you navigate towards an object, suddenly fog comes up. from somewhere in the direction of the shadowy object, an eerie sound emitts. listen closely to navigate in closer to the hidden object.
green rap  (color-sound)
approaching, you will cause some objects to flicker in green color, accompanied by a strange rhythmical sound. caught in between flickering sensations, the search for a silent moment might be in vain.
light a flash  (code-color)
move the cursor on the surface of an object. by touching you switch on their coded behaviour and cause some objects to flash in a yellow color. play being the god of silent thunderstorms.
magnetic force  (code-simulation)
move the cursor on all the visible surfaces. touching objects, you switch on their coded abilities: around each object a magnetic force is activated, which might push you away or draw you towards it. experience being bounced to and fro, but be careful not to be thrown out of the world.
merry go 'round  (animation-simulation)
approaching an object, some of them will start to rotate. on coming even closer, you might be drawn onto their circular line of movement. experience the feeling to be navigated together with parts of the world you are visiting. use the navigation tools to manoeuvre yourself out of the swirl.
move it!  (code-animation)
move the cursor on the surface of an object. by touching them, you switch on their coded behaviour and cause some objects to move through space. rebuild your whole environment.
red pulse  (color-animation)
by approaching an object, you might cause a heartlike pulsing movement, accompanied by a colour change from grey to red. the setting strongly refers to a virtual body - enjoy your flight.
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